Citizenship Ceremonies


Citizenship program and Australian flag

Our Northern Beaches community welcomes people from every corner of the world and is proud to help them become Australian citizens. At a Northern Beaches Council Citizenship Ceremony you’ll receive your citizenship certificate in front of your family and friends. It’s a proud and memorable day. 

First Steps

Visit or contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) on 131 880 for information about becoming a Citizen of Australia. This includes information about the Citizenship Test, your eligibility, and changes to your application.

Once you have been approved and received your letter of approval from the DIBP, you will be put on a 6 month waiting list for a ceremony. Council will receive your details one month prior to your allocated ceremony date and will then contact you at this time. Please do not contact Council prior to recieving your invitation to a ceremony as we are unable to tell you where you sit on the waiting list.


Current Dates for Citizenship Ceremonies in 2017

13 February - Glen Street Theatre

6 March- Glen Street Theatre

13 March- Glen Street Theatre

3 April- Glen Street Theatre

10 April- Glen Street Theatre

15 May- Glen Street Theatre

24 July- Glen Street Theatre

31 July- Glen Street Theatre

7 August- Glen Street Theatre

30 October (Subject to change) - Council Chambers Dee Why

20 November (Subject to change) - Council Chambers Dee Why

All Ceremonies Commence at 6pm and host 90-150 candidates each.

These dates are subject to change. Be sure to check the details on your letter of invitation, or contact us closer to the date. 


The Ceremony 

  • The ceremony takes approximately one hour. Don’t forget to bring photo identification!
  • Your invitation will be sent to you by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection approximately three weeks before the ceremony. Council will also send you a personal invitation via email at this time which you are required to respond to.
  • Professional photographs are taken at the event and available to download online for free.
  • All candidates are required to stand up and take the pledge of Citizenship (Oath or Affirmation) as a group. If you wish to hold a holy book you are welcome to bring your own choice of scripture.

If you have questions about the ceremony call us on 9942 2603. 


Citizenship for Children 

If you apply for citizenship for a child under 16, you must attend the ceremony to receive their Citizenship Certificate on their behalf. Children are not required to attend but of course we welcome them. 


Family and Friends

We welcome your family and friends. We ask that you bring no more than two guests per candidate, so we can seat everyone. Guests will sit separately from the candidate during the ceremony.

If you wish to hold a holy book while you take the pledge of Citizenship, please bring your choice of scripture. 


When can I expect an invitation to my ceremony?

Northern Beaches Council currently has a wait list for your ceremony of 6 months from when you first receive your letter of acceptance. Please be patient while waiting for your invitation as your information is not provided to Council until one month prior to your ceremony.


Enquiries and Eligibility

Enquries relating to your waiting time, application process and changes should be directed to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection 131 880 or go to

Enquries specifically relating to your ceremony (not including your waiting time) can be made by contacting Northern Beaches Council on 9942 2603.